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Here is where I intend to include my experiences of various Scrabble tournaments, game positions, club results and maybe even the odd Scrabble puzzle.

Useful links:

uk-scrabble mailing list - somewhat mindnumbing but serves its purpose as a list to discuss tournament and club Scrabble.
Internet Scrabble Club (ISC) - a place to play Scrabble online. It's fairly comprehensive and well populated by the upper echelons of the Scrabble world whilst the software and interface are a little unfriendly.
Zyzzyva - the self-proclaimed 'last word in word study' and I tend to agree. A must for any Scrabble enthusiast, includes virtually all definitions of 8 letter words or less aside from being a great study tool.
Aerolith - good clean anagramming fun with daily high scores to fight for.
CentreStar - the UK's competitive Scrabble game library, includes live coverage of numberous events throughout the year too.
Quackle - free crossword game artificial intelligence and analysis tool, very clever stuff it is too.
ABSP - Association of British Scrabble Players.

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