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Countdown trophy This is the trophy I won for winning Countdown. Everyone who reached the final stages (the top eight seeds) got something like this. It is approximately 8 inches high and surprisingly weighty - lethal in the wrong hands one should imagine. Countdown trophy and shirt

As you can see there's a nice Countdown emblem on the shirt, the rest of it is plain blue. This is part of the goody bag every contestant gets.

Countdown mug Another goody bag item, the Countdown mug. You could also get one of these by being in the audience and getting an unsolved conundrum. Not sure whether they still do this, since the new presenters and set they've just immediately revealed the answer. So far as I can tell they're made from a bone china so are extra delicate - I've never actually used my mug yet for fear of breaking it.

And finally the leather bound gold guilt Oxford English Dictionary. This certainly isn't a goody bag item. There are twenty volumes in total and are worth in the region of £4,000. I've never contemplated listing them on eBay and don't think I ever will, I suppose they're now a part of family history.


I do realise that I've not yet included the beloved teapot, I will endeavour to add photos of this and a quick summary of the other stuff that was in the goody bag soon.

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