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About Me

I'm Craig Beevers, born in 1981 from an unremarkable suburb in north-east England near Stockton-on-Tees. Over the last few years I've taken quite well to Scrabble winning various tournaments, representing England or the UK. I designed the WESPA website (WESPA is the world body for Scrabble), I redid the ABSP website and I also maintain the tournament calendar over there. In the second half of 2007 I appeared on the 57th series of Countdown. I've also been the subject of lots of articles in the media which I've linked to towards the bottom of the page. In 2009 I won the National Scrabble Championship in the UK. Later winning another title, the Masters and in 2014 I was crowned World Scrabble Champion.

I grew up in Norton with my parents and sister, living there through school and college before going on study maths at Sheffield University. At a very young age I could do long multiplication in my head, I soon lost this ability however when I started primary school. I've always had a lot of natural aptitude for maths and as I got onto A-levels it became apparent I was particularly suited to the statistical side of it. Unfortunately when I went to university I became increasingly disinterested by the abstract nature of my maths degree and left part of the way through the course. Since then I moved onto word games, the internet and over the last couple of years digital photography.

In recent years I've tried to concentrate more on myself and what I want to do. I feel like I've only really scratched the surface of what I'm capable of.

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